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Torosa® Saline-Filled Testicular Prosthesis Implantation


On March 15 at 12:00pm EST, watch surgical footage of a testicular prosthesis implantation.  The procedure is performed by Stanton Honig, MD and Gerald Jordan, MD, will provide additional commentary. 

The Coloplast patented Torosa Saline-Filled Testicular Prosthesis aids in restoring a more natural appearance in males missing one or both testicles. The weight, shape and soft texture of the Torosa testicular prosthesis is designed to mimic the natural anatomical testicle.

Torosa, the only FDA approved testicular implant, is indicated for adults and children that experience:

•    Congenital anorchia (absence of both testicles at birth)
•    Monorchism (one testicle or one undescended testicle)
•    Cryptorchisism (undescended testicle)
•    Orchiectomy (removal of testicle)
•    Prolonged testicular torsion resulting in death of testicle
•    Other conditions or procedures

Torosa is available in four sizes to accommodate the anatomy of adults, adolescents and children.  The device is filled at time of surgery with sterile saline through a self-sealing injection port. There is an elastomer suture tab that enables the device to be sutured and secured into a set position, if desired.

Choosing to have a prosthetic implant is a personal choice. It does not replace a functioning testicle; however, it may impact areas of self esteem, self confidence and overall psychological well being of the individual.

Since the release of the testicular prosthesis, thousands of patients have received the Torosa testicular implant.



Stanton Honig

Stanton Honig, MD

Gerald Jordan

Gerald Jordan, MD, FAAP, FACP